Zissou (aged 10) & Jacques-Henri Lartigue (aged 90)


Zissou is a photographer and sustainability advocate based in Bali. Born into a family of photographers and creatives; even named after the brother of one of photography’s greats, Jacques-Henri Lartigue, a creative path seemed inevitable…



Bubble Burst – Oil on Canvas


At the age of eight, Zissou picked up a paint brush and didn’t stop painting for fifteen years. Then the lure of the digital world drew him to the web and graphic design…



Logo, Packaging & Print Design selection


Servicing a wide range of global clients, Zissou has been a freelance web and graphic designer for fifteen years now – specializing in interface design, communication graphics and branding. When he doesn’t have a camera in hand, he can still be found dabbling on various branding and typography projects…



Chomp – his first short film, co-directed with Henrik Jessen


In 2003, while visiting a friend at a post-production company in London, he walked past an open door and spotted someone modelling a mythical creature in 3D for an upcoming movie. And so began a fascination with high-end computer graphics. By 2004 he had completed a computer animation course and joined up with two fellow students and founded the directors collective, Supernatural Studios, exploring the potential within digital creativity. They soon had a client list that included Nike, HP, Nvidia, Autodesk, Tate Modern, Diesel, Bulgari, MTV, Ogilvy/Paris, Hasbro, Hermes, Mark Ronson, GlaxoSmithkline, Sainsburys, Tesco, Esquire Magazine, Icon Magazine, Rigby & Peller, Remy Martin and Aliph…



Digital Dreams – Zissou’s poster for the second Tate series


At a serendipitous dinner a few years later he was introduced to the head of education at Tate Modern in London and they hatched a plan to open up the world of computer graphics to the contemporary art audience. Supernatural ran a hugely successful lecture and workshop series at the gallery, the ‘Superatural presents…’ series, bringing in some of the world’s biggest names in Visual Effects and Game Design as well as industry heavyweights in software and hardware to explore the renaissance of classical artistic knowledge in modern creativity…



Recent concepts selection


However, after several years of lectures and ad work, it was time to explore another talent in 3D. It was time to get physical.

He hid away for months and then posted a new section to his website entitled ‘Product Design’ containing a series of renders for product concepts. Within a few days his work caught the attention of the Chairman of Aliph (now Jawbone) and Zissou eventually became their Director of Research and Development, focusing on visualization for future wearable products…



Green School


A two week holiday to Bali then changed everything. He was introduced to John Hardy who had co-founded Green School (above). Watch Zissou and John’s first project together, John’s innaugural TED Talk, here.





After a year volunteering his time to John and Green School, it was now his turn to go Green. He built Bonzu, his open-air bamboo home in the jungle.

Constructed almost entirely from bamboo and local grass thatch, Bonzu has no walls or windows, no air-conditioning and no television. In fact, there’s very little of anything non-essential. As he puts it, ‘the only way to comfortably live without walls is not to have to worry about possessions …by not having many.’ He maintains this has been one of the most liberating revelations of the whole project.

The garden provides a wide range of sustenance from coconuts to bananas, pineapples, jack fruit, durian, chilli, eggplant, avocados, mangoes, lemongrass and mangosteen to name a few.

Upkeep is minimal and when things break, as they inevitably do in the jungle, repair is simple and quick.



Lucian, South Bali, National Geographic


It wasn’t long before he realized just how limiting his point and shoot camera was in capturing Bali’s extraordinary daily life. He went to a supermarket on the island and bought a cheap SLR and, with some other lenses kindly handed down from his father, set about capturing the world around him.

In just two years Zissou has been selected for two National Geographic photo competitions. He has photographed Dr.Jane Goodall, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Goldie, Mark Ronson, Dj Premier, Pusha T, Fantastic Negrito, D’Angelo, Dustin Thomas, Wu-Tang Clan, Roy Ayers, De La Soul and Grace Jones. He’s shot music festivals, body building shows, rodeos, editorials, ad campaigns and surf competitions and all while continuing his practice of documenting daily life through this lens.

His first book, Orang Bali will be available in 2017.

Now a full-time lifestyle and portrait photographer, Zissou is available for creative and commercial assignments worldwide.
For bookings, contact his management here.