Guess who’s painting walls again! Read on…


Behind the scenes on Sasha’s yoga shoot.

fuck photoshop

Wake up with the sun. Work, play, exercise, eat. Go to bed when the sun goes down. Just don’t use anything that needs a plug – no mobile phone, no computer, no lights.
That was the premise of todays little experiment – to see how reliant I had become on electricity in my daily life. To find out how it went, Read on…


I treated myself to banana and coconut pancakes with passionfruit syrup for breakfast this morning

cigar bug


The length of my fingernail, this stunning little bug looking like a gold-tipped havana landed on my screen earlier.

Stevie's General Store


Another cracking find in Singapore – and just over the road from Books Actually – it has a lovely collection of vintage clothes, accessories and emphemera like this jar from Roswell. Honest.


Bali’s internationally renowned artist… drumming Read on…


Every year visionaries, thinkers, and activists from a variety of fields are invited to present their ideas to the world through TED Talks. Read on…

Had the pleasure of being introduced to a gem of a shop…  Books Actually is tucked into a corner of Singapore near the financial district. Meticulously curated and elegantly presented. Well worth a look if you’re in town.

factory lunch

Had lunch with the gang at the bamboo factory today – Read on…

rice fields sunset

The view on my way home – a slight improvement on the top deck of the No.94 Bus

mango sticky rice coco

Looks like I have a new favorite dessert

human computer interaction, japan

Now that’s what I call helpful



Shopping, posing


run out


What a great way to start a blog. Read on…