Now based on the magical island
of Bali in Indonesia

Using a wide range of media and techniques to explore my fascination for creativity, I work in many fields including painting, sculpture, photography, graphic design, product design, visualization, UX and user interface design.

Before moving to Bali, I was Director of Research and Development at Jawbone. I previously ran a lecture series in London at Tate Modern on computer graphics under my company Supernatural and continue now to work on speech writing and presentation development such as Green School co-founder, John Hardy's TED lectures. I use this site as a portfolio of recent projects and concepts and also home to my blog where I discuss ideas, news and areas of this great wide world that pique my diverse interests ...and yes, my real name is zissou.  


Since moving to Bali in 2010 I have become far more deeply involved in sustainable thinking and design. I have built a bamboo home in the jungle, grow a wide range of fruit and vegetables and make a concerted effort to become more aware and considerate of nature and it's vital role in allowing us to live on this planet. To this end, should you have a creative project you feel could advance this type of neo-realism and are looking for creative assistance, you can contact me via the link above.

Science, fiction

20th November, 2011


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A second, more reliable, test from the CERN labs has confirmed what was suggested in the original test, that humankind may have found a particle that moves faster than light. If agreed upon by peer review, this could be the single biggest scientific step in my lifetime so far – opening up extraordinary possibilities, among them, time travel.

It also reminds me of a key safety net we have in science, as in art and the politics of our day too, that laws are merely a guide through life and that they can and will be broken.

To quote Carl Sagan… “Humans may crave absolute certainty; they may aspire to it; they may pretend, as partisans of certain religions do, to have attained it. But the history of science — by far the most successful claim to knowledge accessible to humans — teaches that the most we can hope for is successive improvement in our understanding, learning from our mistakes, an asymptotic approach to the Universe, but with the proviso that absolute certainty will always elude us.”

On a side note,  if we have to ditch Einstein’s theory of relativity, who makes the new law and what on earth could it be?

link here.


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Science, fiction

A second, more reliable, test from the CERN labs has confirmed what was suggested in the original test, that humankind may have found a particle that moves faster than light. Read on…


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