Now based on the magical island
of Bali in Indonesia

Using a wide range of media and techniques to explore my fascination for creativity, I work in many fields including painting, sculpture, photography, graphic design, product design, visualization, UX and user interface design.

Before moving to Bali, I was Director of Research and Development at Jawbone. I previously ran a lecture series in London at Tate Modern on computer graphics under my company Supernatural and continue now to work on speech writing and presentation development such as Green School co-founder, John Hardy's TED lectures. I use this site as a portfolio of recent projects and concepts and also home to my blog where I discuss ideas, news and areas of this great wide world that pique my diverse interests ...and yes, my real name is zissou.  


Since moving to Bali in 2010 I have become far more deeply involved in sustainable thinking and design. I have built a bamboo home in the jungle, grow a wide range of fruit and vegetables and make a concerted effort to become more aware and considerate of nature and it's vital role in allowing us to live on this planet. To this end, should you have a creative project you feel could advance this type of neo-realism and are looking for creative assistance, you can contact me via the link above.

Layang Layang

26th April, 2011






A video as beautiful as its director


Lucian Freud – Reflection 1985

Another momentous occasion in my journey to become a painter happened when I first saw this work. Read on…


Bikes of San Francisco

Who would have thought it would be so easy to accurately identify neighborhoods of a city by bike styles. Read on…



Caustics are a bit more than just the pattern seen on the bottom of the pool. It is the name given to the phenomenon of converging light. Read on…



If you’re like me and you trawl the design and inspiration sites from time to time, you will have noticed the increased use of a new style of animated gif.  Read on…


Karl Blossfeldt

Born in Germany in 1865, Karl Blossfeldt was self-taught and since his youth a great lover of nature. As a sculptor and modeller in a foundry for artwork, he used flowers and plants as inspiration for decorations. Read on…


Sam Cooke

Having been writing this blog for a while now, I noticed that I have hardly touched upon one of the greatest sources of inspiration throughout my life… music. Read on…


Saul Leiter

Born 1923, Saul Leiter is an American photographer and painter whose early work in the 1940′s and 1950′s was an important contribution to what came to be recognized as The New York School. Read on…


An edible color palette

As designers, we know color is important. But when food is your medium, color can be powerful enough to influence taste—and affect health. Fascinating article.

Link here


Benoit Mandelbrot

Studying complex dynamics in the 1970s, mathematics legend, Benoit Mandelbrot had a key insight about a particular set of mathematical objects Read on…


Layang Layang

A video as beautiful as its director


Francis Bacon – self-portrait 1971

As often happens with maleable young minds, I was converted to art by a fantastically passionate teacher. Read on…


Tim Hetherington / Chris Hondros – Obituaries

Two extraordinary photojournalists covering the uprising in Libya died during a street battle in Misrata this week. Read on…