Layang Layang

26th April, 2011

A video as beautiful as its director


If you’re like me and you trawl the design and inspiration sites from time to time, you will have noticed the increased use of a new style of animated gif.  Read on…


Born in Germany in 1865, Karl Blossfeldt was self-taught and since his youth a great lover of nature. As a sculptor and modeller in a foundry for artwork, he used flowers and plants as inspiration for decorations. Read on…


Having been writing this blog for a while now, I noticed that I have hardly touched upon one of the greatest sources of inspiration throughout my life… music. Read on…


Born 1923, Saul Leiter is an American photographer and painter whose early work in the 1940′s and 1950′s was an important contribution to what came to be recognized as The New York School. Read on…


As designers, we know color is important. But when food is your medium, color can be powerful enough to influence taste—and affect health. Fascinating article.

Link here


Studying complex dynamics in the 1970s, mathematics legend, Benoit Mandelbrot had a key insight about a particular set of mathematical objects Read on…


A video as beautiful as its director


As often happens with maleable young minds, I was converted to art by a fantastically passionate teacher. Read on…


Two extraordinary photojournalists covering the uprising in Libya died during a street battle in Misrata this week. Read on…


The cracking combo of Sir Ken Robinson and the always fascinating School of Life.

In this Sunday Sermon, Sir Ken discusses life’s passions and how important it is to spend our lives exploring them. Well worth taking the time out to watch.


I was told about this incredible footage a while back but have only now managed to see it.
It really puts into perspective just how rudimentary our human efforts at camouflage actually are. Read on…


These Desa Seni full moons just keep getting better! Thank you to Dawn for organising, Beau for the tunes and to all those who joined in and made it such an amazing experience. Read on…