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15th April, 2011

Managed to get out of bed in time for this morning’s amazing sunrise, then down to the water to see the first group venture out on to the warm waves.


Born 1923, Saul Leiter is an American photographer and painter whose early work in the 1940’s and 1950’s was an important contribution to what came to be recognized as The New York School. Read on…


As designers, we know color is important. But when food is your medium, color can be powerful enough to influence taste—and affect health. Fascinating article.

Link here


Studying complex dynamics in the 1970s, mathematics legend, Benoit Mandelbrot had a key insight about a particular set of mathematical objects Read on…


A video as beautiful as its director


As often happens with maleable young minds, I was converted to art by a fantastically passionate teacher. Read on…


Two extraordinary photojournalists covering the uprising in Libya died during a street battle in Misrata this week. Read on…


The cracking combo of Sir Ken Robinson and the always fascinating School of Life.

In this Sunday Sermon, Sir Ken discusses life’s passions and how important it is to spend our lives exploring them. Well worth taking the time out to watch.


I was told about this incredible footage a while back but have only now managed to see it.
It really puts into perspective just how rudimentary our human efforts at camouflage actually are. Read on…


These Desa Seni full moons just keep getting better! Thank you to Dawn for organising, Beau for the tunes and to all those who joined in and made it such an amazing experience. Read on…


Last week I was invited up to the Social change film festival in Ubud here in Bali. We arrived a few minutes late but managed to see most of the first film – a documentary about Ibu Robin Lim Read on…


Fact: India spends 2 percent of its GDP treating diarrhea, according to TERI, one of the country’s most prestigious scientific research institutes. That means India is spending $30 billion a year treating diarrhea, a totally preventable disease. That’s $400 million a week. Read on…


What a way to cap off a fantastic day!


Managed to get out of bed in time for this morning’s amazing sunrise, then down to the water to see the first group venture out on to the warm waves. Read on…


Inventor extraordinare, Peter Florjančič, who turned 92 this year, is the holder of more than 400 patents, including the plastic photo slide holder, the car airbag, the plastic zipper and the perfume atomizer. Read on…


To be able to capture a delicate sensuality in the sitter while managing to avoid any sexual overtones and thus draw the attention of an audience in such a powerful way, John Singer Sargent has been able to reach a goal that so many portraitists strive towards but few ever achieve. Read on…


Researchers at Michigan State University have built a prototype gasoline engine that requires no transmission, crankshaft, pistons, valves, fuel compression, cooling systems or fluids. Read on…