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6th February, 2011

Wake up with the sun. Work, play, exercise, eat. Go to bed when the sun goes down. Just don’t use anything that needs a plug – no mobile phone, no computer, no lights.
That was the premise of todays little experiment – to see how reliant I had become on electricity in my daily life. To find out how it went,

I hadn’t really planned this, but it’s always nice to have a little challenge. I find it keeps the mind fresh.

As I awoke I turned over to pick up my phone and the battery was dead. I then turned to my computer to plug it in and it too was dead. The cable to plug in both devices was just a few feet away. Out of early morning lag, a laziness kicked in and my mind started to wander – what if I didn’t get up to plug in. What would it do to my productivity to not have these tools at my disposal. Could I survive a day without them.

The challenge was set. I turned over and went back to rest for a minute to decide what to do on my day off. It struck me that for my whole life I have barely spent a day without some form of device that relies on electricity.

It felt quite novel at first, but then the first pang kicked in… I should reply to that email. What if  someone was trying to call me about an emergency. I could add the finishing touches to that project. I fought these off by going for a run, then breakfast then…
…now what, I was lost. No email, no calls or texts, no design, no creativity. Hang on, this was ridiculous – I had never needed a computer to draw or design throughout my childhood. What was holding me back. The answer of course was nothing. I picked up my sketch pad and started to scribble and sat there for hours before I realised it was already well in to the afternoon and I hadn’t had lunch yet. I headed for my favorite little restaurant up the road. When I sat down I noticed another thing out of the ordinary – I was not constantly looking down at my phone waiting for my food to arrive like a nervous tick. I actually relaxed.

The afternoon as a little tougher. The thoughts about my lack of connection to the outside world were playing with my mind – I repeatedly found myself having to rationalise these near panics with the reality that in all likelihood, nothing extreme was going to happen today that could not be reviewed tomorrow.

I stayed strong. But the mere fact that I had to ‘stay strong’ blew me away – this addiction to the plug was way more severe than I had previously given it credit.

The night time was the toughest – no lights meant that getting down the stairs was actually quite hazardous – and no open flames, I live in a bamboo house. Fortunately there was just enough moonlight to help me out once my bleary eyes had adjusted.

This morning I raced to my laptop to plug in and see what I had missed – nothing. Well, nothing so earth shattering that it couldn’t have waited at least another day.

It actually felt really good to have a day unplugged and I will see about making it part of my weekly schedule. Try it. It’s strangely liberating.


(Zach Hilder created Fuck Photoshop, the pencil for the purist, available through his Etsy store.
I chanced upon it while writing this and it seemed an ideal accompaniment – apologies for the profanity)


Sayan repping with some solid work here for Nyepi – this is early work. Can’t wait to see the finished piece


Extraordinary things these Havaianas. Very simple construction, comfortable and yet providing just enough protection for your feet to walk in them all day long. I have got through three pairs which I have worn almost exclusively since I arrived in Bali. One of those pairs sits at the bottom of my stairs, broken and awaiting their inevitable disposal and yet every day I put it off as I walk the beach or beside a river and see another broken pair of flipflops washed up or clogging one of natures arteries.


One of my favourite shops in Paris, Maison Bonnet has been crafting custom eyewear since the 1930’s with meticuluous attention to detail and a sublime understanding just how powerful a statement eyewear can make to a personality – their work has adorned the faces of Jackie Onassis, Yves Saint-Laurent and Le Courbusier to name but a few.
Read on…

mubarak steps down

One of the most momentous occasions in my life occured whilst in a Bali convenience store last night when there was a roar from the television behind me – it was the crowd in Tahrir Square reacting to the news that Mubarak had finally stepped down. Read on…


On my way back from the beach yesterday, I passed the back of a building and saw this contraption. On top was a food basket with what looked like 30 thin slices of halloumi but it wasn’t. It wasn’t bread either. I just couldn’t figure it out.


Bamboo is an amazing material. Beautiful, strong, and flexible, it comes out of the ground like a rocket, with some varieties growing large and strong enough to support the roof of a building within just three years. Read on…


As I opened my eyes this morning I noticed a little light flashing a couple of inches away from my head. As my bleary eyes began to focus I realised what it was and filmed its little dance across my bed. In fact, there are loads of them fluttering around in my room each night but this is the first time I have seen one so close. Read on…

hoxton street monster supplies

No doubt many of you will be familiar with Dave Egger’s Super Hero Supplies store in NYC and similarly his Pirate Store in San Fransico. Following on from their successes state-side, Egger along with a number of other talent dedicated individuals, encouraged by many well known writers have brought the concept to the UK, opening The Monster Supply Store in Hackney Read on…


The Talipot palm flowers only once in its lifetime, producing the biggest inflorescence in the flowering kingdom. The palm grows for 30 to 80 years, storing up energy and strength in its trunk to send out this massive inflorescence. After flowering and fruiting the plant will die.


Victor Papanek didn’t think much of designers. “There are professions more harmful than industrial design, but only a very few of them,” he wrote in the opening line of his 1971 book “Design for the Real World.” “And possibly only one profession is phonier. Advertising design, in persuading people to buy things they don’t need with money they don’t have, in order to impress others who don’t care, is probably the phoniest field in existence today.” – This extract from the New York Times review continues here

google art project

Great use of a combination of search, maps and street view technologies – shame I can’t find a single classic that I love from any of these amazing galleries. Hope to see this collection expand as time goes on. www.googleartproject.com/

fuck photoshop

Wake up with the sun. Work, play, exercise, eat. Go to bed when the sun goes down. Just don’t use anything that needs a plug – no mobile phone, no computer, no lights.
That was the premise of todays little experiment – to see how reliant I had become on electricity in my daily life. To find out how it went, Read on…


– Hi, yeah I’d like to see about flights to the US
– Will that be a return sir?
– No.


Horn emporium launches its teaser site.
Sign up to be notified of the grand opening…
It’s going to be huge!

ranier milke

A riddle: What is one of the most crucial commodities for creative people that’s also becoming increasingly difficult to obtain in the 21st century?

Click here for answer

As the internet is down many Egyptians are resorting to a new Google phone service to spread word of the protest, via audio tweets.Announcing the service on its blog, Google said:

Like many people we’ve been glued to the news unfolding in Egypt and thinking of what we could do to help people on the ground. Over the weekend we came up with the idea of a speak-to-tweet service—the ability for anyone to tweet using just a voice connection.

We hope that this will go some way to helping people in Egypt stay connected at this very difficult time. Our thoughts are with everyone there.

(extract from the guardian.co.uk)



“Echoism” is a project by artist
 Julian Wolkenstein and plays with the notion of your own identity. What do you look like? What are the things that make you look like you – your identifying features? If you are made symmetrical, do you consider yourself more beautiful, less so, or is it just weird? Or is it you at all? Do you have a best side? What is to be said of left and right brain dominance?

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snake jambangan

That was lucky… nearly stepped on this little fella as I got out the shower this morning Read on…