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Bad room

8th December, 2010

bad roomAt least they’re honest

bad room

At least they’re honest


Every year visionaries, thinkers, and activists from a variety of fields are invited to present their ideas to the world through TED Talks. Read on…

green school morning

Part of the reason I now have to move here

shaping studio deus

I have a particular fascination with work environments, especially craft areas that produce products I use. One of the most elegant manmade forms has to be the surfboard and this is where the magic goes down at Deus in Bali.


Launching at the height of the recent financial bubble in 2007 by Tyler Brȗlé (of Wallpaper fame), it managed to weather the storm unlike so many other printed publications and has gone on to expand into newsprint format, opened tiny stores across the globe and has collaborated with highly respected brands on toiletries, accessories, luggage and even bicycles. For me, they have excelled for the same reason Apple have – in terms of design and marketing, they shoot high and sweat the details.


Had the pleasure of being introduced to a gem of a shop…  Books Actually is tucked into a corner of Singapore near the financial district. Meticulously curated and elegantly presented. Well worth a look if you’re in town.

calculator watch

One of my earlist memories of a gadget was sneaking in to my parents room one morning. My Dad had just got back from an assignment in Japan (I think) and had just got up and was in the bathroom. On his bedside table was something I hadn’t seen before. It was black, had lots of buttons and a digital screen. I wanted one.

factory lunch

Had lunch with the gang at the bamboo factory today – Read on…

rice fields sunset

The view on my way home – a slight improvement on the top deck of the No.94 Bus

mango sticky rice coco

Looks like I have a new favorite dessert


From big business to big brother, to social media and now Wikileaks – a sign for our times


A TED classic, Ken Robinson explores the educational status quo and how it can kill creativity Read on…


Janine Benyus speaks about promoting the study and imitation of nature’s remarkably efficient designs, bringing together scientists, engineers, architects and innovators who can use those models to create sustainable technologies.

sissel tolaas

Sissel is a ‘scent artist’ – having personally harvested nearly 7,000 scent specimens, she is developing a lexicon of new terms to describe them – a smells language.  Read on…


Tipped off to this research project by the nice guys over at Adobe, PhD student Seok-Hyung Bae and others have developed an intuitive 3d sketching platform that looks from the videos here to be nothing short of revloutionary. I cannot wait to try this out.

martino gamper 100 chairs

Having been brought up in the age where the musical remix has been so prominent, this is the equivalent of hip-hop for furniture – a raw, unashamed, fresh remix of classics. Read on…

kaws disected companion

To call  KAWS a street artist or graffiti artist would be omitting something, he’s not just a graphic artist either – more like a creative entrepeneur and damn is he good at it.
Read on…

human computer interaction, japan

Now that’s what I call helpful