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Sunrise at Green School

Part of the reason I now have to move here

tiepolo topology

Fascinating exploration of old masters. Link here

cigar bug


The length of my fingernail, this stunning little bug looking like a gold-tipped havana landed on my screen earlier.

lartigue's racing car photo


This is one of Lartigue‘s most well-known photographs depicting a racing car and spectators. I recently found this explanation of the optical distortion that made this image so famous. It is apparently down to the comparatively slow shutter speed on his large-format camera that opened from bottom up as he panned the camera Read on…

Stevie's General Store


Another cracking find in Singapore – and just over the road from Books Actually – it has a lovely collection of vintage clothes, accessories and emphemera like this jar from Roswell. Honest.


Surely one of the great product designs of my generation, the Technics 1200 is finally being EOL’d by Panasonic. A sad day indeed.
As a true mark of its quality, this is one of the few things I have bought four times in my life, spanning two decades and always bought the same version. They are a brilliant example of the balance between strength, durability and delicate precision.

link here

floating sunburn

Somehow this just does not appeal


Bali’s internationally renowned artist… drumming Read on…

bad room

At least they’re honest


Every year visionaries, thinkers, and activists from a variety of fields are invited to present their ideas to the world through TED Talks. Read on…

green school morning

Part of the reason I now have to move here

shaping studio deus

I have a particular fascination with work environments, especially craft areas that produce products I use. One of the most elegant manmade forms has to be the surfboard and this is where the magic goes down at Deus in Bali.


Launching at the height of the recent financial bubble in 2007 by Tyler Brȗlé (of Wallpaper fame), it managed to weather the storm unlike so many other printed publications and has gone on to expand into newsprint format, opened tiny stores across the globe and has collaborated with highly respected brands on toiletries, accessories, luggage and even bicycles. For me, they have excelled for the same reason Apple have – in terms of design and marketing, they shoot high and sweat the details.


Had the pleasure of being introduced to a gem of a shop…  Books Actually is tucked into a corner of Singapore near the financial district. Meticulously curated and elegantly presented. Well worth a look if you’re in town.

calculator watch

One of my earlist memories of a gadget was sneaking in to my parents room one morning. My Dad had just got back from an assignment in Japan (I think) and had just got up and was in the bathroom. On his bedside table was something I hadn’t seen before. It was black, had lots of buttons and a digital screen. I wanted one.

factory lunch

Had lunch with the gang at the bamboo factory today – Read on…

rice fields sunset

The view on my way home – a slight improvement on the top deck of the No.94 Bus

mango sticky rice coco

Looks like I have a new favorite dessert


From big business to big brother, to social media and now Wikileaks – a sign for our times