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Rhonda Forever

20th October, 2009

Since the early days of my experiments with computer graphics, I have been following the work of  James Paterson and Amit Pitaruthen as Insert Silence they created a landmark animated piece for Bjork and ever since, have always wondered how it was done.  This week I discovered they had been using  proprietary software developed by Pitaru called  Rhonda. Originally conceived around 2003, the pair have for the first time offered it for public use.

Congratulations guys, this tool is a huge step in 3d sketching. Shallow learning curve and fantastic fun to play with. Sign up for the free download  here

mango sticky rice coco

Looks like I have a new favorite dessert


From big business to big brother, to social media and now Wikileaks – a sign for our times


A TED classic, Ken Robinson explores the educational status quo and how it can kill creativity Read on…


Janine Benyus speaks about promoting the study and imitation of nature’s remarkably efficient designs, bringing together scientists, engineers, architects and innovators who can use those models to create sustainable technologies.

sissel tolaas

Sissel is a ‘scent artist’ – having personally harvested nearly 7,000 scent specimens, she is developing a lexicon of new terms to describe them – a smells language.  Read on…


Tipped off to this research project by the nice guys over at Adobe, PhD student Seok-Hyung Bae and others have developed an intuitive 3d sketching platform that looks from the videos here to be nothing short of revloutionary. I cannot wait to try this out.

martino gamper 100 chairs

Having been brought up in the age where the musical remix has been so prominent, this is the equivalent of hip-hop for furniture – a raw, unashamed, fresh remix of classics. Read on…

kaws disected companion

To call  KAWS a street artist or graffiti artist would be omitting something, he’s not just a graphic artist either – more like a creative entrepeneur and damn is he good at it.
Read on…

human computer interaction, japan

Now that’s what I call helpful


rhonda forever

Since the early days of my experiments with computer graphics, I have been following the work of  James Paterson and Amit PitaruRead on…

dan and ayako revolve

This just arrived this morning from my printers in Germany – just in time for my flight to the wedding in Japan. Hope the happy couple like it!