Photographer, Graphic designer, Product designer,
Sustainability advocate & Documenter of ephemera.

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Through the lens



I have been blessed with an extraordinary passion for documenting life through a lens – while most of my attention is on recording daily life using natural light, I have been known to take the odd commission for fashion, design and lifestyle projects.

If you have a creative concept or product that deserves the limelight, you can get in touch here. You can browse some of my recent projects here…and follow my blog for regular photo updates here.









Born on the magical island of Bali in Indonesia, Bamzu is here to encourage a re-think of product development, and in turn, customer involvement in the 21st century …and if we can have a little fun while we’re at it, all the better!

Bamzu’s first product, beach bats …with a difference.
Made from sustainably-sourced local bamboo and hand-crafted in Bali, these beach bats are simply the best way to play.
Order yours now from Bamzu’s new website here.






Meaningful Presentations



If ever there was a time to for a new approach to education – for adults as much as children – it is now. To this end, I offer lecture writing and presentation development for various TED lecturers including Green School’s co-founder John Hardy – You can watch his inaugural speech at TED Global in 2010 here.

I am also an honored to be part of what is now becoming an annual creative contribution to TEDxUbud here in Bali.

If you have a big idea and would like to find the best approach to presenting it, get in touch here.









At the end of 2011, inspired by the Hardy’s and what they have done at Green School, I commenced my largest-scale physical project to date.
An attempt to challenge and reassess what we can consider high quality living in 2012. An effort to be as close as possible with nature without removing any real luxuries.

Constructed almost entirely from locally sourced bamboo and grass thatch, there are two main structures… ‘Sun’ which comprises a kitchen and dining area and ‘Moon’ which has a bed, living area and out the back, a semi-roofed bathroom.

I have hot and cold running water, electricity and even, dare I say it… wifi, but I also have no walls or windows – This was the first major design amendment from my earlier plans and so far, the most exciting, as the only real way to achieve this and still feel comfortable in terms of security was to remove ‘stuff’ from my daily life – no paintings, no ornament, nothing extraneous or without practical purpose and nothing that can’t be easily and cheaply replaced.
I have been living here for the past two years and beyond the sense that I am not really missing anything, this decision has given me an overwhelming sense of liberation.
I also have a large kitchen garden that is able to provide enough vegetables for me to take any excess to my local market to trade.

This is an ongoing, living project and as such I will be providing commentary on my blog on various other experiments that I will be attempting at the property as well as updates on what it feels like as previous city-dweller to turn to nature.









From time to time I also indulge my love of graphics and typography in the form of brand and identity projects. View some of my recent examples here For comissions, click here.









I have also worked extensively in the fields of product design, visualisation and digital modelling. If you are interested in commercializing anything from my catalogue of designs or would like to commission something new or even have your own idea for a product and would like to develop it further, get in touch here.